Shelter in an explorer’s hut in Barrington Tops

In Barrington Tops over 60 years ago, Newcastle Bushwalking Club built two explorer’s huts for hikers needing shelter, named after founding members: Selby Alley and Darby Munro. Suitable for intrepid & respectful overnight hikers only, find the huts and sleep in history. (Photo courtesy of Craig Fardell, check out his blog at A Wild Land. Donations are gratefully accepted by Newcastle Bushwalking Club for hut use, visit their website for more details.)

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  • HOW: Selby Alley Hut on the Corker Trail at Careys Peak or Darby Munro Hut on the Link Trail at Gloucester Tops, within Barrington Tops National Park via Gloucester, New South Wales.
  • COST: Donations towards hut upkeep are gratefully received by Newcastle Bushwalking Club, permission should be gained first. Check out their website or follow them on Facebook
  • CONTACT: Pick up a free map at Gloucester Visitor Information Centre at 27 Denison St. Call 6538 5252 or visit