Ride the Barrington River white water express

The Barrington River is fed by waters tumbling down from pristine Barrington Tops, sometimes so fast and full that rafting is your best adventure option. After large rainfall events the river is perfect for exciting white water rafting as you manoeuvre the rushing river bends, solid rock banks and riverside trees that are now immersed midstream. So next time it rains hard, book your ticket on the Barrington River white water express!

Departures are determined by safe river levels for rafting and cannot be guaranteed. Rafting tours are available only for a short period after heavy rainfall events that prevent kayak tours proceeding. Minimum age requirements apply.

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  • HOW: Barrington Outdoor Adventures, 126 Thunderbolts Way, Gloucester, New South Wales.
  • COST: Guided white water rafting tours including equipment, guide & transport from $130,
  • CONTACT: Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre, visit their website or call  6558 2093.