Tourism Advancing Gloucester

Tourism Advancing Gloucester is a community group of local tourism operators seeking to help grow Gloucester sustainably through a strong tourism industry.

CONTACT:  c/- Gloucester Visitor Information Centre, 27 Denison St, Gloucester NSW

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Tourism Advancing Gloucester (TAG) is a group of local tourism operators working together to grow the visitor economy in Gloucester that’s worth $51million annually. The group works closely with Gloucester’s Visitor Information Centre which is co-funded by membership fees and MidCoast Council.

TAG members have identified the following brand values which are used as a reference point for the group’s activities, as they specify their sense of purpose.

Brand Values for Gloucester:
  1. World heritage nature for adventure and wellbeing
  2. Scenic drives, pretty rivers and productive farming valleys
  3. Village atmosphere, old world charm
  4. Friendly people, country hospitality
  5. Gourmet cafes and wineries
  6. Boutique shopping on a relaxed main street
  7. Extensive accommodation choices for any budget
  8. Impressive sporting facilities for all ages and abilities