Get up close to Tassie Devil joeys in Barrington Tops

Top things to do Gloucester Barrington Tops

Hidden in Barrington Tops, there’s no other experience like this on the Australian mainland! Become immersed in the devil’s huge free range enclosures to witness Tassie Devils in truly wild conditions. Plus meet some Tassie Devil joeys: wickedly cute!

Fully escorted tours take your through the Devil Ark Centre, complete with state of the art displays, followed by some devil enrichment, a special form of feeding which encourages wild behaviour, interaction with joeys born at Devil Ark & a rare chance to become immersed in the devil’s natural habitat by entering huge free range enclosures to witness wild devils.

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  • HOW: Devil Ark conservation facility at Tomalla in Barrington Tops via Gloucester, New South Wales.
  • WHEN: In 2017:

Sat 7 January 2017
Sat 15 January
Sat 4 February
Sat 18 February
Sat 4 March
Sat 18 March
Sat 26 March
Sat 1 April
Sat 8 April
Sunday 9 April
Sat 22 April
Sat 6 May
Sunday 21 May
Sat 3 June
Sunday 18 June
Sat 1 July
Sunday 23 July
Sat 5 August
Sat 2 September
Sat 7 October
Sat 4 November
Sat 2 December

  • COST: Adult $150, child (8-15yrs) $100.
  • CONTACT: Just 12 spots per tour with limited year-round departures. Bookings only online at