Care & Respect

Care & respect, for you & for others

A little bit of care and respect makes you a better tourist!

  1. River crossings – Check water height indicators and proceed only if safe to do so. Avoid using causeways during periods of high water or fast flowing water. If in doubt, do not cross. Never drive through flood waters. Don’t play in floodwaters.
  2. River paddling – Check river conditions and paddling times with Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre (6558 2093). Be wary of inappropriate fencing near waterways. Never dive into any river water, you may break your neck.
  3. Gravel roads – Drive with caution, slippery in all weather conditions. Slow down.
  4. Country roads – Farm animals, wildlife or fallen branches may be ahead. Slow down. Check road closures with Gloucester Visitor Information Centre (6538 5252)
  5. High country visits – Check weather forecast. Pack warm clothes, food and water. Check road conditions and travel times with Gloucester Visitor Information Centre (6538 5252)
  6. Fishing and fires – Check fishing licence criteria and current fire bans with Gloucester Visitor Information Centre (6538 5252). Firewood can only be collected from state forests. Only use designated fireplaces. Extinguish completely, never leave embers burning.
  7. Dog in parks – Domestic animals are banned from national parks to protect wildlife. Dogs are allowed in town parks and state forests only if under appropriate control.
  8. Visiting national parks – Check current alerts and park closures at
  9. Fog, snow & ice – Slow down. Adjust headlights accordingly. Don’t drive 2WD vehicles on snow-covered roads.
  10. Trespassing – Respect the rights of landowners, always ask permission to enter private property for access to rivers etc.,
  11. Rubbish, garbage & trash – No matter what you call it, always take it with you.
  12. Gates – The country rule is: If you found it closed then close it after you.
  13. Shooting – Shooting is banned in national parks to protect wildlife. Always ask permission on private property.