Dusty’s Astro Tours of the Night Sky

Take a tour of the night sky with an experienced guide and powerful telescopes! You’ll marvel at the star clusters, planets, nebulae, our own awesome Milky Way galaxy and learn about our place in the solar system.

This astral viewing program is unique and is an unforgettable journey of the night sky, all done in your own backyard. A great idea for barbecues, birthdays or just a fun social night.

Your stellar journey is guided by Dustin Bradford who will show you a myriad of things in the night sky with his 12-inch Meade telescope. Dustin brings his equipment and expertise to your venue or home, and he provides tips and assistance for taking photos of the night sky with your own smart phone.

Prices start from $149 plus travel for a group of up to 10 people. Bookings essential, call 0413 631 824