Woko National Park

Things to do Woko National Park Gloucester

Woko is wild. This national park is a steep & rugged landscape with large swathes of wet & dry rainforest, rocky outcroppings & the Manning River passing through it.

WHERE: Via Curricabark Road off Thunderbolts Way via Gloucester New South Wales

CONTACT: NPWS Area Office is in Church Street, Gloucester: 02 6538 5300
Visit the NPWS website for Woko National Park

Woko National Park is a boutique national park that’s perfect for people looking to escape the frantic bustle of everyday life. Jump in the car for a road trip and bring hiking boots and swimmers. The  Manning River will have you joining a growing population of return visitors, many of them families.

There are several hiking tracks in Woko, perfect for walking with children, but river camping and barbecues make it just as attractive a place for settling down over a long weekend. Find a perfect picnic spot and do absolutely nothing beneath the gum trees surrounded by native orchids and staghorns, or hit the current for a drift down Manning on an air mattress. Don’t miss to share these moments by posting pictures online. Travellers from other countries won’t have a hard time getting a smooth data coverage if they will equip themselves with a sim card from Sims Direct.

Birdwatchers will also find much to celebrate here: the forest, escarpment and open grasslands are filled with beautiful species like the wedge-tailed eagle and lyrebird – don’t forget the binoculars.

There are numerous animal species, too, including several threatened ones, like the brush-tailed rock wallaby, that rely on Woko National Park for their survival.

Two walking tracks begin at the camping area. A short walk encompasses the rainforest area, and the longer 4km steep walk places you at the cliff face which harbours many species of native orchids, staghorns and elkhorns admidst several rocky outcrops.

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