Toss a snow ball in Barrington Tops

Toss a snow ball in Barrington Tops

Sometimes it’s not too far to drive for your family’s first snow ball fight. Barrington Tops is the highest region in NSW outside the Australian Alps so it gets a regular dusting of winter snow. You’ll find extensive travel guidance for driving in snow and ice at our sister website for Barrington Tops Tourism.  So grab the kids, dress them warmly and head off for your first snowball fight… just don’t forget to duck.

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Barrington Tops Forest Road from Scone to Gloucester
The main access road to Barrington Tops is the Barrington Tops Forest Road—also known as the Scone-Gloucester Road. Much of this road is unsealed which can present an additional hazard during a snow event. If this road deteriorates it can be closed to all vehicles to ensure the safety of visitors. Road closures are at the discretion of the Local Emergency Management Committee and local police.

The Thunderbolts Way towards Nowendoc
In a widespread snow event visitors seeking to avoid driving on the unsealed roads of Barrington Tops occasionally access snow via the Thunderbolts Way to Nowendoc. The steep incline of the Thunderbolts Way can be hazardous due to black ice. Drive to the conditions and check on road conditions prior to travel.

  • HOW: Depending on the snowfall event, snow can be usually found from the Dingo Gate to Honeysuckle Picnic Area, along Barrington Tops Forest Road via Gloucester, New South Wales.
  • COST: Free
  • CONTACT: Pick up a free map at Gloucester Visitor Information Centre at 27 Denison St. Call 6538 5252 or visit