Sustainable tourism – the key to Gloucester’s economic future.

Destination Management Plan approved.

The Destination Management Plan for MidCoast Council has been approved. The Plan provides a framework to guide sustainable tourism development over the next 15 to 20 years. It identifies the MidCoast’s competitive advantage and looks to a future which more effectively leverages the region’s natural assets, local character and environmental credentials to promote the MidCoast as a leading provider of nature and adventure-based tourism.

Click through to see the MidCoast Council Destination Management Plan here.

Tourism Membership

Download the Barrington Coast Tourism Partnership Prospectus for more details.

Do you run a business that serves visitors in Gloucester or in the surrounding valleys and villages? These visitors can be daytrippers from neighbouring regions, business travellers, people visiting friends and relatives in Gloucester, or tourists passing through or those staying overnight. Then you may wish to be part of this sustainable industry.

Whilst other information centres are being closed across the state, we are very lucky to have the financial support of MidCoast Council to keep our Visitor Information Centre open.

Your support of our visitor economy via membership of Destination Barrington Coast is essential for the destinational marketing of our beautiful region. Marketing opportunities are severely limited without your paid membership. We invite you to join us.

Tourism is everyone’s business. The visitor economy of the Gloucester region contributes $51 million annually to the local economy (as at Sep 2014). The statistics for the whole country are compiled by the independent body Tourism Research Australia and then the New South Wales reports are published by the state government on Destination NSW website.

Looking for tourism statistics?

Click the links below to download the published reports and see just how impressive this sustainable industry is!

(NB. Following the merger of Gloucester into MidCoast in May 2016, the final tourism report published solely for Gloucester is the 2014 report below. The Gloucester 2015 report was never published.)