Gloucester Mosaics Walk

Take a self-guided walk through the history of Gloucester depicted in art on the Gloucester Mosaics Walk.

The Gloucester Mosaic Walk takes you on foot to see mosaics on walls and on footpaths around town. There’s even some works that Gaudi would be proud of:  planter boxes and creative seating in the Meeting Place plus the large platypus covered in mosaic tiles in Billabong Park.

The mosaics scattered around the township depict stories of Gloucester from the earliest days to the present time. Take yourself on a journey and learn about Gloucester through the mosaics.

Start outside the Visitors Centre with the tables in the meeting place and the wall mosaics opposite. Then follow the pavement mosaics starting on the corner outside Channell’s newsagent and walking anticlockwise down to the roundabout and then back up the other side of the street crossing overat Hume Street to complete the circuit back to the meeting place.

There are wall mosaics & footpath mosaics, pick up a brochure at the Gloucester Visitor Information Centre in Denison Street & start your discovery!