Copeland Tops State Conservation Area

Things to do Copeland Tops Gloucester

Copeland Tops SCA is the closest rainforest zone to Gloucester offering beautiful walks through heavily wooded gullies with towering trees.

WHERE: Via Copeland Road, off Barrington Tops Forest Road, off Thunderbolts Way via Gloucester New South Wales

CONTACT: NPWS Area Office is in Church Street, Gloucester: 02 6538 5300
Visit the NPWS website for Copeland Tops SCA

Copeland Tops State Conservation Area is the largest, easily accessible area of dry rainforest in the Gloucester district and contains a diverse variety of plants and animals including a large number of threatened species. The reserve was once part of a thriving goldfield and there are numerous mine shafts and relics of the past.

Try the Hidden Treasure walking trail through the rainforest with abundant birdlife. See relics of the gold mining era of the Copeland area can also be seen along the trail. Don’t miss the wonderful bushwalking opportunities provided by the old wagon and logging tracks. (NB. Sections are subject to rehabilitation works and may be closed from time to time.)

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