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Groundswell Gloucester is a not-for-profit incorporated community group seeking to grow Gloucester sustainably & protect it from destructive industries.

CONTACT:  PO Box 380 Gloucester NSW 2422    [email protected]

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Groundswell Gloucester was formed to give a united voice to the many individuals who are concerned about Gloucester’s future. The group is a long-time supporter of Gloucester’s tourism industry due to the sustainable nature of the tourism industry.

More recently the group has conducted the Sustainable Futures Convention (2015 & 2017), which focused on progressive communities & individuals in action; walking the talk and finding solutions.

Groundswell Gloucester believes that transitioning towards renewable economic & social landscapes in full swing across Australia & the world. The challenges and choices of sustainable living in rural & regional communities are creating exciting opportunities.

The Sustainable Futures Convention brings together social change makers, sustainable industries & businesses for a weekend of creative, robust &  challenging conversations by exploring solutions for our future.

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Works in tourism for Destination Barrington Coast at Gloucester, New South Wales, Australia