Destination Barrington Coast

Destination Barrington Coast

Welcome to the Barrington Coast, where the leaves touch the waters from the mountains to the sea.

Encompassing the Great Lakes, Manning Valley, Gloucester and the Barrington plateau, the region spans 10,053 kms² from World Heritage Barrington Tops to the Pacific Ocean on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

More than a holiday destination, the Barrington Coast is a place of discovery, from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between. Located at the highest point of the region is Barrington Tops at 1586m above sea level, the highest point in the country outside the Australian Alps.

Indulge your curiosity, seek the road less travelled and take delight in the wonders of our region.

Explore high-altitude ancient rainforests and fertile valleys rich in agriculture; embrace charming towns and welcoming smiles; discover mighty rivers, untouched waterways and breathtaking beaches.

(Photo: Beth Miller)


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