Listen to the lyrebirds in Barrington Tops

The Firs is an unusual picnic area high within Stewarts Brook State Forest high in Barrington Tops. Surrounded by old Douglas firs (a type of pine tree) you’ll think you’re in Vancouver until you realise the dozen different bird calls (& even the motorcycle sound) are all coming from that lovely lyre bird perched on a log in the cool deep shadows. He’s singing to attract his mate, if you’re quiet you may see her sidle up to hear his performance. Very Australian.

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  • HOW: The Firs Picnic Area, Barrington Tops Forest Road in Barrington Tops via Gloucester, New South Wales.
  • COST: Free
  • CONTACT: Pick up a free map at Gloucester Visitor Information Centre at 27 Denison St. Call 6538 5252 or visit