Throw the winning brick or rolling pin at Stroud

Top things to do Gloucester Stroud Brick & Pin Throwing Competition

Throw the winning brick or rolling pin at Stroud

Can you throw a mean discus or even a thong? Then you’ll love the annual Stroud Brick and Pin Throwing Competition. This international event is hotly contested in the four towns named Stroud around the world and you’ll need to beat 43.4m for a brick and 47.6m for a pin. So start working those quads, abs, deltoids and more muscles you won’t know you had until they hurt afterwards.

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HOW: Saturday 8 July 2017 at Stroud Showground, Stroud, New South Wales.
COST: Free
CONTACT: Stroud Brickthrowing Association Inc., call 0414 714 935 or visit