Faulls Ridge Winery

Faulls Ridge boutique vineyard offers intimate wine tastings in the rolling hills overlooking beautiful Gloucester.

WHERE: 611 Bucketts Way East, Gloucester NSW

CONTACT: Call Debbie 0409 121 304 or email to faullsridgewine@skymesh.com.au

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Faulls Ridge Winery is perched atop the scenic ridges above Gloucester, just like a European vineyard but so much nicer.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy intimate wine tastings and share plates made up of local produce. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in their beautiful garden and soak up the magnificent view as you enjoy a fine wine experience.

Wine tastings are free of charge.

Faulls Ridge Verdelho, Rose and Shiraz-Chambourcin comes highly recommended by the locals many of whom volunteer to pick grapes at each vintage