Scenic Drive: Buccan Buccans Circuit

This is the best short scenic drive in Gloucester, you’ll see the remarkable Buccan Buccans (the Bucketts Mountains) from all sides, the best of our beautiful rural landscapes, cross numerous river fords with excellent picnic and swimming spots, and end up in the beautiful riverside park in the centre of Gloucester.

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This scenic drive is 34km of fully sealed road and you can do the drive easily under 60 minutes. But why not take a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenic rural charm that Gloucester is famous for, there are plenty of great locations to choose from along the way.
(NB. This route may be unsuitable in times of high river levels, check with the Visitor Information Centre.)

  • Length: 34km (all sealed)
  • Start: Visitor Information Centre at 27 Denison Street.
  • End: Gloucester District Park, enter via Thunderbolts Way.
  • Featuring: Barrington village, Barrington Bridge, Barrington River valley, Rocky Crossing, Gloucester River, the Buccan Buccans, Lions Scenic Walk, Gloucester District Park and five river crossings on concrete causeways (caution advised).